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20 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Prague

Prague has been nicknamed the “city of a thousand spires” for good reason: as you glance over its 1,100-year-old skyline, you’ll be rewarded with splendid views of lovely domed churches and soaring old towers that combine to make Prague one of the world’s architectural gems. Everywhere you look, fine examples of Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, and […]

Kate Middleton wears £30 M&S trainers and £6 Zara culottes

A pair of £30 M&S trainers are selling out quickly after Kate Middleton wore them to a SportsAid event. The Duchess of Cambridge’s high-street look didn’t stop there as she teamed them with a pair of Zara culottes that cost just £5.99. Sadly, the green trousers were only available in the sale and have already […]

Obese chihuahua who loved eating food from the bin was so heavy he couldn’t walk

Like so many of us, Cleatus the chihuahua began to pile on the pounds as he got older, getting into a bad habit of eating leftovers from the bin and no longer being keen on walkies. We’ve all been there. The dog eventually put on so much weight, tipping the scales at a whopping 2 […]

M&S replaces Little Shop plastic toys with Little Garden collectable seed kits

Last year, Marks and Spencer gave away lots of tiny toys for kids in their Little Shop collection. If you spent over £20, you got a mystery bag with a tiny version of one of their food products, including Percy Pigs and Colin the Caterpillar. There were 25 to collect but the brand faced some […]

Another man creates billboard to find date inspired by Mark Rofe’s success

Last month, Mark Rofe had the idea to erect a massive billboard to find a date. It went viral and thousands of applications rolled in. Mark is now going on dates with a chosen few and his success has inspired another man to give it a try. Andrew Gaskell, from Chester, heard about Mark’s idea […]

Pie shop serves Full English inside a puff pastry tart and it’s ‘delish’

Ah, the Full English breakfast; so iconic, so delightful, so quintessentially British. Revisions of the classic are usually not welcome (though hacks are). But this pie shop’s take on the brekkie fave is one that is not rifling customers. Epic Pies, a bakery in St Paul’s, London, has created a mash-up where the morning staples […]

Mum urges parents to trust instincts after son’s ‘clumsiness’ is actually cancer

A mum had a ‘gut instinct’ that something was wrong when she noticed her toddler was struggling to walk. Kamila Stopa from Cambuslang, Scotland, took son Alex, two, to see a doctor twice after he reported feeling dizzy. The 32-year-old was told that the toddler’s walk and dizzyness would wear off eventually. But her instincts […]

Does Your Partner Snore? Here’s How it Can Prove Harmful to You

Have you often woken up in the middle of night due to loud snores of your partner? Well, sleeping next to a snoring partner can be a headache at times, as it disturbs your sleep and leaves you exhausted the next morning. However, that is not the end of it. According to a study conducted […]