Cricket coach covered in bite marks after businessman mauled him ‘like a dog’

A successful businessman has been jailed over a vicious attack on a cricket coach which left him covered in bite marks.

Anthony Mears, 51, lost his rag after being accidentally nudged by a friend of his 23-year-old victim Jarrad Davies at a Wetherspoon’s in Aberdare, south Wales, two days before Christmas last year.

He could be heard telling a pal to ‘hold my cigarette’ before launching himself at Mr Davies and sinking his teeth into his torso. The younger man was left with four deep wounds across his body and needed 40 days of medication to help fight off infection.

Describing the attack Mr Davies, a child support worker and self-employed cricket coach, said: ‘He was like a bull who had seen red. When we landed he started biting me it was like a dog. I was left in one hell of a mess.’

Mears was jailed for 21 months after admitting GBH over the attack at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court.

The qualified accountant worked as a businessman who had been recently based in Saudi Arabia as president at the Ma’aden Aluminium Company.

But the dad-of-two had been back home in Aberdare for Christmas when the brawl broke out in the Yr Ieuan Ap Iago on December 23.

Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke told him: ‘This was clearly a repeated offence because there are four bite marks. You used the equivalent of a weapon when you used your teeth.

‘You just cannot attack someone repeatedly in this way.’

The judge told Mears the fight began when Mr Davies’ friend ‘bumped into [him] accidentally’ and his ‘reaction [was] to become violent’.

Speaking after the case Mr Davies’ father Todd said: ‘This guy is almost my age. He shouldn’t be doing that. He is running a company with 800-odd employees. You should be operating at another level of professionalism.

‘You try and bring your kids up knowing what is right and wrong and with respect. I’m proud that Jarrad didn’t react violently but he ended up coming off much worse.’