Pie shop serves Full English inside a puff pastry tart and it’s ‘delish’

Ah, the Full English breakfast; so iconic, so delightful, so quintessentially British.

Revisions of the classic are usually not welcome (though hacks are).

But this pie shop’s take on the brekkie fave is one that is not rifling customers.

Epic Pies, a bakery in St Paul’s, London, has created a mash-up where the morning staples are carefully placed inside a puff pastry tart base.

The huge breakfast includes two sausages, two slices of bacon, sauteed mushrooms, beans, cherry tomatoes and a fried egg and costs £7.95.

And if you’re thinking that sounds delicious but is missing a few essential items – yes, hash browns are top-tier – then you can opt for one for £1 (or ten).

The same offer is also available for black pudding lovers, though that doesn’t rank as high for us as far as breakfast goes.

The cafe, which opened in 2015, calls itself a ‘very British patisserie’ and its menu is a testament of their theme.

Run by mum and son duo, Daniel and Roshnara Jobz, Epic Pies has a pastry called the Eastender – a pie with a slowly braised peppered steak with peas and carrots.

The pair opened the shop after spending four years selling pastries during festivals across the city and building a fanbase.

So anyone who tasted the pastry treat in the mudded planes of a festival can now have a nice sit-down and browse through the new breakfast menu.

You can also opt for veggie options with one of their pastry items offering butternut squash, chestnut mushroom, spinach and leeks in a lightly spiced cream sauce.

The idea of your faves delicately encased by a bit of puff pastry has been delighting Epic Pies’ customers.

Writing on their Facebook page, one person wrote: ‘The Best Breakfast in the City Of London!’ while another said: ‘it’s delish.’

Others commented that it would last them all day.

Would you try the Full English tart?