Mum arrested for ‘stabbing neighbour’s boyfriend to death over parking space’

A mother-of-three was in custody last night accused of walking out of her home at 7am in the morning and knifing a man to death for ‘taking her parking spot’.

The victim named locally as 39-year-old Garreth Kelly was reportedly jump starting his car to go to work yesterday, having spent the night at his girlfriend’s place.

Police say the alleged attacker’s husband and children had no idea what was going on outside when the alleged attacker stepped out onto the streets in Clondalkin, southwest Dublin.

The stay-at-home mum, 38, reportedly stabbed the man at least three times in the chest with what was thought to be a kitchen knife.

Mr Kelly died on the floor between another car and his blue Skoda Octavia with the bonnet still up and jump leads still attached. The woman was arrested at the scene not long afterwards.

None of her household were previously known to the Garda, who think the mother may be suffering from mental health problems.

Residents of the Brownsbarn Estate said they were stunned when they woke up to see police officers going door-to-door.

One man who asked not to be named told the Irish Times: ‘It’s a good, quiet estate.

‘We were messaging into the Whatsapp group this morning and we just couldn’t believe it was so close. We couldn’t believe it happened here.’

Another woman who used to live in the house being probed by forensic officers was horrified by the news.

She told the ‘I moved out of there about four years ago and nearly fainted when I heard what had happened.

‘I’m just so shocked that something so violent happened right outside my old house.

‘It’s an awful tragedy and hopefully the person responsible is brought to justice.’