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About inQbox

Where is the inQbox idea from?
inQbox is an original idea and concept store founded by Ms Danas Njoto in 2003.inQbox is also the FIRST concept store of it's kind any where in the world.

How long has the inQbox™ concept store been around?
inQbox™ was founded in 2003 and the first store was opened *empty* in 2004 in Singapore, with just fliers and fresh green apples (our icon) standing in each boxlet™.

What does inQbox™ mean?
inQbox™ stands for incubation in a box; inQbox™ aim is to inQbate budding entrepreneuers and creatives a.k.a our boxPreneurs™ and help them develop their talent and skill.

So what is with the glass floor?
In addition to maximising space, the glass floor was conceptulised as 'windows of surprises' to create an interesting experience for shoppers. Over the years, inQbox stores all have an adaptation or interpretation of our glass floor.
I want an inQboxlet now!
How does inQbox choose it's boxPreneurs and allocate inQboxlets to me?
inQbox is looking for boxPreneurs with original, unique and interesting products and services. Priority is also given to boxPreneurs who make and design their own products or who have their own label.inQbox will make you an offer of an inQboxlet based on your brand, products and availability of space.

What if there is no suitable/available boxlet for me?
You will be placed on a wait list.
So inQbox must first see and accept the products I want to sell?

How much does it cost?
Fees vary from store to store depending on location,amount of space, inQboxlet size and the products you wish to sell, amongst other factors.

Is there a minimum period of commitment?


Who fixes the selling price of my products?
You fix the selling price of your product.
What if I do not live in the same city? Can i still have an inQboxlet?
Of course! inQbox was conceptualised especially for individuals like you and we have many boxPreneurs like you who are selling their products in their favourite city without living there! Please contact us at info@inQbox.com for more information.
How does inQbox know which of my items have been sold?
All inQbox stores have a full inventory POS system that tracks all sales of your products and stock.

How do I know which of my items have been sold?
inQbox features real-time tracking of all your products sold, accessible by our boxPreneurs via the internet anytime!
Do I need to provide my own promoter or sales staff at the store?
No. Every inQbox Concept Store has it's own sales staff whom we call Sales Generators, who are trained and encouraged to sell your products for commission.
Do I need to provide carrier bags?
inQbox provides carriers and bags for shoppers who purchase your products.However, we encourage you to have your own separate packaging with your branding as well, so that customers will remember you. If you would like to provide addtional/special packaging for your products,just leave it with us and we will do the rest.

Do the inQbox Concept Stores accept credit card payments from shoppers?
Yes. All inQbox Stores accept payments by major credit cards like Visa and Mastercard and we usually accept the local popular debit/charge cards eg. NETS as well.

Great! I want to have my own
inQboxlet™! How do I start?
We want to meet you and can't wait for you to surprise us with your ideas!
Do give us a brief introduction of yourself, your brand/label and the merchandise you wish to sell via email or give us a call so that we may arrange an appointment.


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